Bondeko is the unlikely musical collaboration of an Albanian crooner and folklorist, a traditional Guinean drummer and a French singer-songwriter. With only a few words of common language, their sound cannot exactly be described as world music as it belongs nowhere outside of the immigrant community of Portland, Maine... Their live shows are celebrations of the joy of sharing space with people from very different cultures.

Bondeko is proudly from Portland, Maine, proudly international and proudly multigenerational!

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It's very hard in these times to say anything is unique, any music style is unique or any band is unique. But this is something I have never seen or experienced in my life.” - Adrian "Ady" Parzentny

Hit The Road Music Studio

Spanish lyrics morphed into French, English and Albanian chatter when the tune finally came to a finish beneath a roaring, international crescendo. Given the multi-ethnic, in- tergenerational makeup of the band rehearsing on stage, their music sounded like a miraculous creation. It is.” - Troy Bennett

Bangor Daily News

[Bondeko] is not just bringing the music from another culture to Portland, they're making entirely new music by combining the different cultural music that each member of the band brings to the songwriting. It's not "world music" as there 's no place in the world where you can hear music like that.” - Sam Pfeife

— Incomer Magazine