Alone we go faster. Together we go further.
— Odrada N. Makuntima, Carpenter at Bondeko

Bondeko (Lingala): the feeling of being family with those who are not necessarily your blood relatives. This word exemplifies how we build our team and create unique lasting bonds with our clients.

Bondeko is raising industry standards by hiring and training New Mainers. 

Founder Orson Horchler draws on his own experience as a New Mainer to advocate for the trades as a means of finding community, purpose and prosperity in the USA.

Bondeko believes in training immigrants in the trades to fill a dire need for skilled labor in Southern Maine. Bondeko also hires international trade professionals with unique skill sets.

As a result of this philosophy, as well as company leader Orson Horchler's 14 years of experience in high-end carpentry, Bondeko offers unmatched craftsmanship.