So you want to hire immigrants? Asylum seekers? Refugees?… Or you wish to improve the integration of your workers who are from other cultures?… Excellent! Now let’s get to work.

I am Orson Horchler, president of Bondeko, carpenter, entrepreneur, musician and street artist. I have migrated twice in my life. And I am here to support you through the process of hiring workers from other cultures.

Let me begin by gifting you with 2 nuggets of knowledge I have gained from my journey:

  1. You probably have no idea of the nature and quantity of the work you are up against…

  2. You definitely have no idea what an incredibly exciting and fulfilling adventure you are about to embark on!

Hiring people from different cultures means adding a much greater range of skills, attitudes and knowledge to your organization! But these assets go untapped unless you create an intercultural work culture: a space where every worker is permitted to express their culture while learning from one another.

I will help you develop and implement the strategies that truly allow your organization to benefit from your workers’ skills and knowledge. I will teach you how to transform your multicultural work place into an intercultural space.

Drawing from my personal and professional experience, I excel at forming intercultural leaders. As a consultant I specifically want to work with organizations that have made a commitment to working with immigrants. Organizations that understand the substantial added value of hiring workers from outside the host culture. Organizations that have made an ethical pledge to support New Americans. Organizations that want to form their team leaders, managers, directors to become industry experts at intercultural workspace management.

Contact me to learn more about what I can do for your organization: